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Green salad with arugula, strawberries and gorgonzola dressing

15 €

Alternative “Greek salad” with red & yellow cherry tomatoes

15 €

Quinoa salad with smoked salmon, avocado and mango/lime sauce

21 €

Inside out Mozzarella di Bufala

18 €

Colorful tomatoes, eggplant and toasted bread (vegan)

16 €

"Alaskan King Crab" salad with avocado/cucumber gazpacho, crispy tapioca with squid ink

28 €

Salmon tartare with “faux egg”, green goddess dressing

19 €

Avocado and shrimps... from 1990 to 2021

19 €

Yellowtail ceviche in aji amarillo sauce

20 €

Sea bass carpaccio with sea urchin, bottarga, tomato water, passion fruit, olive oil and toasted bread

22 €

Tacos with tomato tartare and beans (vegan)

15 €

Beef carpaccio with “Arseniko Naxou” cheese cream, crispy capers and truffles pearls

19 €

Wagyu Strip loin nigiri with butter miso (2 pieces)

10 €

Greek cheese selection

19 €

Linguine with tomato sauce and burrata

17 €

Dumplings with shrimps

18 €

Fettuccine with truffle and cardonara sauce in a sphere

28 €

Salmon with soy sauce and honey, celeriac purée and mini kohlrabi salad

24 €

Tuna with smoked eggplant salad, wakame and teriyaki sauce

29 €

Grouper with mustard crust, olive oil mashed potato and arugula sauce

39 €

Sea bream with fennel purée and anise sauce

41 €

Portobello mushrooms, bean purée and Zhoug fresh herb sauce (vegan)

19 €

Chicken roll with parsnip purée, causa croquette and barbeque sauce

19 €

Iberico pork carré with apple sauce, parsnip/apple purée, red & yellow beets

29 €

All time "Balthazar" classic meatballs with French fries and yogurt-mint dip

16 €

Black Angus beef tagliata with mashed zuccini, tomato powder and parmesan/sitaca sauce

32 €

Black Angus beef tenderloin, stuffed potato and red wine sauce

42 €

Wagyu flap steak with sweet potato foam and vegetable tartare

51 €