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Japanese fresh soy beans flavored with fleur de sel

Sea Bass Carpaccio

16 €
with sea urchin, bottarga, passion fruit, olive oil and toasted bread

Shrimp ceviche

15 €
Kohlrabi “tacos” filled with shrimp ceviche and green apple puree


Inside out rolls with various fillings

Spicy tuna     14€
with tuna, sriracha, togarashi, tobiko wasabi and ginger mayo

Smoked salmon     17€
with smoked salmon, philadelphia, cucumber and jalapeno sauce             

 Rock shrimp     18€
with shrimp tempura, asparagus, avocado, spicy curry mayo, chives 

California dream     17€
with crab, green apple, orange tobiko, California sauce


NIGIRI (4 pcs)

sushi rice with fish toppings
sake   |  salmon     12€
maguro   |  tuna     14€

SASHIMI  (5 pcs)

raw fish
sake   |  salmon     8€
Akami   |  tuna     9€

MAKI ROLLS (6 pcs)

maki rolls with various fillings
Salmon Maki
salmon, wasabi , wasabi mayo 9€
Tuna Maki
tuna, wasabi lime, wasabi mayo 10€

COMBO (14pcs) 

tuna maki (3pcs), smoked salmon (4pcs), salmon nigiri (3pcs), rock shrimp ISO roll (4pcs)



Asahi Japanese beer     7€
Enter Sake Black Honjozo (720ml)     78€