• Φιλοσοφία

    Ο "μάγος" είναι εδώ... και αυτό το καλοκαίρι!
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  • Μενού

    Νόστιμες γεύσεις από τους καλύτερους chef της πόλης
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  • Φωτογραφίες

    Δείτε τον όμορφο νεοκλασικό χώρο του Balthazar
  • Peskias Christoforos

    TO START WITH . . . .

    Mixed green salad with citrus vinaigrette

    Quinoa salad with peas, cucumber, avocado and honey-mustard-lemondressing / with or without smoked salmon

    Tarte with green olive pesto, sea bass carpaccio, lemon and sorrel 

    Spicy tuna mini burgers with parsley root  chips and pepper horn sauce 

    Salad with wild greens served with “manouri” (creamy cheese) terrine with cranberries and pomegranate vinegar dressing 

    Beetroot balls served with  beetroot leaves salad and sour cheese from Ios island dressing

    Beef Tataki with «stamnagathi» greens and ponzu-celery dressing

    Dumplings with shrimps

    Warm eel served with spinach & rice and yoghurt-cuttlefish ink sauce 

    Croaker tiradito with sweet potato chips and spicy lemon-yellow pepper sauce 

    Greek cheese selection

    LAND AND SEA . . . 

    Risotto with pumpkin cream

    Pappardelle with duck ragoût 

    Orecchiette with kale, Portobello mushrooms, parmesan and toasted bread

    Chicken rib eye” with roasted cherry tomatoes and smashed potatoes with olive oil 

    Iberico pork (pluma) with baked quince and carrot, red wine sauce and yellow pepper cream 

    Black Angus, beef tenderloin with potatoes (traditional recipe from Cyprus island) and red wine-cumin-coriander sauce 

    baby lamb slowly cooked with unripe groats pilaf (freekeh pilaf)

    Beef tagliata with sweet potato purée and caramelized Jerez vinegar sauce

    Shrimps tandoori with Malanga’s purée and coriander chutney 

    Salmon marinated in soy sauce-honey served with celeriac purée                                                                                                    

    Croaker with edamame soup and herbed olive oil


    Meringue sphere with vanilla cream and strawberry sauce

    Gianduja chocolate bar with hazelnut foamand sour cherry spoon sweet 

    Caramel parfait with salted carameland espresso ice cream 

    Honey-thyme semifredo with crunchy honey caramel and fig sauce

    Ice-cream & Sorbet

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